Traditional South Indian Cuisine


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  2. Attention: What Is South Indian Cuisine?
  3. Interest: What Are The South Indian Cuisine Must-Try Dishes?
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If you love heat and depth of flavour in your food, then South Indian cuisine is a delicacy you are sure to adore. With many variations of traditional dishes available across the UK, we wanted to explore what authentic dishes consist of. Continue reading to learn more and to find out our top recommendations.

What Is South Indian Cuisine?

Traditional South Indian cuisine features coconut and rice as popular ingredients in most dishes. Also featured are many fish, meats and vegetables perfectly seasoned for a taste explosion. The history of South Indian cuisine as we know it today dates back 4,500 years, with many dishes having remained entirely traditional until the present day.

What Are The South Indian Cuisine Must-Try Dishes?

If we have tantalised your tastebuds and got you thinking about South Indian dishes, then below are what we recommend you should try:

South Indian Alleppey Fish Curry

Featuring fragrant curry leaves and a ginger, coconut sauce, this is one of the best fish dishes that you will find. The spices add to the delicate fish flavour perfectly. Serve with fluffy rice for the ideal bite of food!  You can try this dish for yourself when you visit the Zari Restaurant in Crawley.


South Indian cooking is not just favoured for its main dishes but also the delicious side menu options. Pongal is a rice dish which means to boil. Clarified butter is added for a creamy finish and is available as a sweet or savoury option.


This lentil-based curry is one of the oldest dishes. This dish is comforting and delicious, including an array of vegetables, sweet and earthy cumin spice notes, and always served with rice.

Chicken Chettinad

Chicken is a popular meat within South Indian cuisine as it works with the flavours perfectly. This dish includes braised chicken in an array of spices and is served with coconut to create a creamy yet warming dish. This is also available from Zari Restaurant, so try it when you visit.


You will likely have heard of this dish before, as there are variations across India. Southern cooking is characterised by a unique blend of spices that are all local to the area. This dish is ideal for any dietary need and is available with meat, fish, or vegetables.


If you love doughnuts, you will love these savoury options. Featuring black lentils, cumin, and vegetables, these fried delights are simply sensational. 

Experience South Indian Cuisine Dishes

Hopefully you now have a better idea of some of the dishes unique to the Southern region. From delicious spices to tender meat, they all showcase the ingredients used beautifully. 

Find a South Indian Restaurant

If you want to try some of these dishes, or the many other options available, now is the time to find the perfect place to eat! In the UK, many Indian restaurants will specialise in all regions. This means knowing the dishes you want to try is essential when selecting the place to eat.  


Check out the range of South Indian cuisine we provide at Zari Restaurant, including our delectable South Indian Allepey Fish Curry and tender Chicken Chettinad. Book a table at our Indian fine dining restaurant in Crawley today.


Q: Are there meals for all dietary needs?

The beauty of South Indian cooking is that there are meals for all dietary preferences. From vegetables to different meats, all are showcased perfectly in this delicious cuisine.

Q: How can you tell if a dish is from South India?

As well as looking online, the best way to learn about the meals is to speak directly with restaurant professionals.