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Our New Vegan Menu

We are very proud to have created Crawley’s first fully vegan curry menu. This is not just a few dishes off the main menu, this is real menu featuring specially created food for vegans (and everyone else) to come and enjoy. Our chefs have created a vegan nan bread using coconut oil, vegan korma and so much more.

Browse the new Vegan Menu below and contact us with any questions you may have.

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If you don’t believe us when we say it’s amazing then ask Romesh Ranganathan!

Romesh Rangananthan


Indian Vegan Menu

If you have any questions about our vegan options please ask.
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  • Accompaniments

    All our accompaniments are vegan and work perfectly with popadoms as an appetiser or as something to have on the side with your main course.

    • Plain /Spicy Popadoms 0.80
    • Mango Chutney 0.95
    • Onion Salad 0.95
    • Lime Pickle 0.95
  • Starters

    Many Indian starters are traditionally vegan but we have made some small changes to make sure these contain no animal products whatsoever but are still delicious and rather moreish!

    • Onion Bhajee  4.50
    • Vegetable Samosa 4.50
    • Vegetable Pakora 5.95
    • Vegetable Tikka 6.50
    • Vegetable Dosa 7.95
  • Main Courses

    We have range of dishes some more familiar than others but all vegan. Why not try something new or go for a classic dish carefully created using vegan products like coconut oil instead of the traditional ghee.

    • Vegetable  Alleppey  9.95
    • Vegetable Chettinad 9.95
    • Vegetable Curry 9.95
    • Spinach & Chick Pea Curry 9.95
    • Vegetable Balti 9.95
    • Vegetable Korma 9.95
    • Vegetable Masala 9.95
    • Vegetable Vindaloo 9.95
    • Vegetable Madras 9.95
  • Sides

    These side dishes make the perfect accompaniment to any curry dish but can just as easily be enjoyed as a main dish on their own so please ask when ordering if you would like a larger main portion.

    • Bombay Aloo 5.25
    • Sag Aloo 5.25
    • Masala Mash 5.25
    • Pea and Mint Dal 5.25
    • Tarka Dal 5.25
    • Brinjal Bhajee 5.25
    • Sag Bhajee 5.25
    • Chana Masala 5.25
  • Rice

    • Plain Rice 3.25
    • Pilau Rice 3.50
    • Mushroom Rice 4.50
    • Lemon Rice 4.50
  • Bread

    Our chefs did a lot of testing to get the nan just right. Made with coconut oil this vegan version of the ultimate classic Indian bread will sit alongside any curry dish. We hope you enjoy them!

    • Chapati 1.95
    • Roomali Roti 3.95
    • Stuffed Paratha (Vegetable) 3.95