The Best Authentic Indian Desserts


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49% of people in the UK order desserts when eating out, which proves we are a nation of sweet lovers! After a fragrant and spicy Indian meal, we think there is nothing better than finishing with a tasty treat which rounds off a meal nicely. 

Keep reading to find out which authentic Indian desserts you need to try.

Desserts are indeed trendy within Indian cuisine, with many traditional flavours and ingredients used in main dishes also being included in sweet treats. Items such as coconut, rose petals, and fruits are most commonly used. 

What Flavours Will You Find In Indian Desserts?

One thing about Indian desserts is that they are typically very sweet. Rich ingredients such as sugar and ghee give them a delightful sweetness, whilst various nuts and fragrant flavours such as rose are used to balance the flavours.

Spices such as cardamon are also commonly used, giving a subtle spiced flavour unique to Indian dessert dishes.

What are The Best Indian Desserts?


Rasgulla is a light syrup-filled dumpling which has been cooked in sugar. The texture is squishy, also similar to asian mochi, and the flavour is beautifully sweet with hints of bitterness.


A traditional Indian take on ice cream, Kulfi is made from milk and sugar instead of heavy cream. The process for making it is the same as traditional ice cream but the end result is very different. More like a frozen yoghurt, Kulfi can be made into any flavour.


Indian meals are often quite filling, so a large dessert is not always needed. Petha is a sweetened pumpkin candy which offers a lovely end to a heavy meal.


As the signature dessert of India, Jalebi is a must try. This treat is deep fried flour batter which is soaked in sugar syrup for a crunchy and sweet finish.

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi can be likened to an Indian take on creme brulee made with curd culture, milk and sugar. Thick in texture, the delicious dessert has a slight sour yoghurt flavour which is ideal for cleansing the palette after a meal of rich flavours.

Chhena Gaja

If you love sweet and savoury flavours combined, this is the option for you. These are deep-fried cottage cheese balls which are finished with a rich syrup.

Rice Kheer

Kheer is an Indian rice pudding made from white rice, milk, and sugar. It is traditionally stewed for a good amount of time and finished with topics including pistachios, dried fruits, and rose petals.

Sooji Halwa

This is a semolina pudding which is sweet and slightly spiced. Made with ghee to help it set slightly, this dessert is brilliant for sharing.


Another popular alternative to a large dessert is a Lassi. This Indian yoghurt drink is similar to a smoothie and can be made with any flavour you desire.


These sweet dumplings are another popular option. Filled with sweetened khoa and dried fruits, they are also washed with ghee before cooking to ensure the perfect level of crunch is achieved.


Lastly, we have Sitabhog, which looks like rice but is cottage cheese mixed with rice flour and sugar. It is most often eaten with syrup and dried fruits but can be combined with any flavours for a unique dessert option.

Try Authentic Indian Desserts

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You should now have a good idea of what desserts are traditional to Indian cuisine. Just like the main courses, each offers a unique nod to the region it is from with spices and sweet flavours which are simply delicious. Contact us to make a booking at our restaurant today.


Q: What Is the Most Popular Dessert in India?

Included in our list is Jalebi which is said to be the most popular dessert in India. It is often served at celebrations and events due to its widespread notoriety.

Q: What Desserts Are Served at Zari Restaurant?

We serve an array of Indian dishes, which often change depending on ingredients and seasonality. Make sure you give us a call or visit us to see what is on offer.