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If you have ever been intrigued by the vast array of Bengali traditional food but have yet to decide what to try, this is the guide for you. Sure to send you on a tasting adventure that offers sweet, spicy, and diverse flavours, Bengali food is known for being fresh and aromatic.

Best Bengali Food to Try

Originating from the Bengal region in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, Bengali food features influences from South Asian dishes, providing a unique blend of flavours and ingredients. Also characterised by the use of lean meats, vegetables, and fresh fish, the meals offer a healthy balance ideal for various dietary needs.

What Are The Must-try Bengali Foods?

No matter your food preferences, the traditional food of Bengali is sure to offer a wide range for you to select from. This can be overwhelming for those new to this style of food, so we have collated out top choices in this article. From fiery dishes that will awaken the senses to aromatic fusions that offer subtle tasting notes, we have included something for everyone! Why should you try authentic Bengali food? If you love fresh flavours and perfectly balanced spices, this cuisine is for you.

Bengali Sea Bass 

Sea Bass is a popular fish with many Bengali dishes, but this has to be the most popular. Served with the signature white fluffy rice, the fish is cooked to perfection in a sweet and smoky tomato sauce seasoned with various flavours, including panch phoron, paprika, turmeric and chilli. The sauce is then finished with yoghurt and coriander for a fragrant flavour. You can taste this dish when you visit the Zari Restaurant in Crawley!


For spice lovers, Jhal is a brilliant option. Meaning hot in Bengal, this chilli-based dish is made with seafood that has been gently fried and finished with the traditional Bengali five-spice. Eaten with either rice or bread, this is a hearty dish loved all year round.

Mangshor Jhol 

If you are a meat-eater, this traditional mutton curry is a must-try. This dish features tender cuts of mutton marinated in the sauce and a rich and sweet gravy flavour. The bones are also integrated into the dish, providing a silky finish. 

Malai Prawn Curry 

Malai curry is a popular celebration dish featuring tender prawns, a spicy tomato flavour and a finish of coconut milk for delicate creaminess. The garlic and ginger base provides a gentle warmth whilst various other spices create a stunning depth of flavour. Boasting a signature red finish, this dish is sensational and available from Zari Restaurant in Crawley.

Aloo Posto

This potato and poppy-seed paste delight is perfect if you want to try a yummy side dish. The nutty flavours compliment the starchy potato perfectly and cut through the spice from other main dishes.

Experience Bengali Dishes In Top Restaurants

Bengali cuisine is perfect for families or groups of people as it is served in consecutive courses similar to French cuisine, making it perfect for family-style dining. Whilst there are many recipes to follow online, the best way to experience these dishes is to have them prepared by an expert who knows exactly how the flavours should be balanced.


Try Bengali Food: Visit the Best Restaurants 

Check out the range of Bengali cuisine we provide at Zari Restaurant, including our delicious Bengali Sea Bass (see menu, page 4) and Malai Prawn Curry. Book a table at our award-winning Indian restaurant in Crawley today.


Hopefully now you have a better idea of where to start on your Bengali culinary journey! From meaty delights to light vegetarian dishes, this delicious cuisine is perfect for every palette.



Q: Where can I find Bengali cuisine near me?

The Zari Restaurant is considered the best for traditional Bengali dishes. You can also search online for other options close to you as there are lots scattered across the UK.

Q: Do I have to use the exact spices?

Yes, we always recommend sticking to the recipe for an authentic flavour. It is the delicate balance that gives Bengali cuisine its signature tasting notes.