Easter Holiday Traditions Around The World

Easter Holiday Traditions Around The World

Table of Contents:

  1. Easter Holiday 2024 | Traditions Around the Globe
  2. Ham, Eggs, and Bonnets for Easter In America
  3. Australia’s Chocolate Bilbies and Hot Cross Buns
  4. Fires in Northwestern Europe for 2024 Easter
  5. Fasika: Ethiopia’s Easter Celebration
  6. Zari’s Easter 2024 Celebration: Kids Eat Free!
  7. Easter 2024 UK: A Global Easter with a Local Heart
  8. Easter Sussex
  9. FAQ

Easter Holiday 2024 | Traditions Around the Globe

Easter is a time of renewal, celebration, and tradition. Around the world, different cultures commemorate this holiday in unique and vibrant ways, from the United States to the shores of Australia, and everywhere in between. This year, Zari Restaurant invites you to blend these global Easter traditions with the rich, healthful flavours of Indian cuisine. Join us as we explore Easter customs worldwide and how you can celebrate them with a special touch from Zari Restaurant. Plus, we’re excited to announce our Kids Eat Free offer during the Easter holidays, making it the perfect family outing.

Ham, Eggs, and Bonnets for Easter In America | An Easter Bonnet Idea

In the United States, Easter is celebrated with a variety of traditions such as an easter egg hunt, the Easter Bunny, and a feast that often includes ham and deviled eggs. At Zari Restaurant, we embrace this tradition with our healthful Indian dishes that are perfect for the whole family. Our menu features a variety of egg-based dishes that are a nod to the symbolic rebirth of Easter, as well as vegetarian and Vegan options that are just as satisfying as a traditional dinner.

Australia’s Easter Cake, Chocolate Bilbies and Hot Cross Buns

Australians enjoy chocolate bilbies instead of bunnies and savour the sweet taste of hot cross buns. At Zari, we celebrate this tradition by offering our special desserts inspired by the flavours of India, adding a unique twist to the holiday’s sweetness this Easter 2024 UK.

Fires in Northwestern Europe for 2024 Easter

In Northwestern Europe, communities light bonfires on Easter Sunday as a symbol of chasing away the winter darkness. Zari Restaurant captures the warmth and communal spirit of this tradition with our cosy dining atmosphere. Our spicy, aromatic dishes are sure to bring warmth and light to your celebration.

Fasika: Ethiopia’s Easter Celebration

Ethiopia celebrates Easter, or Fasika, with a period of fasting followed by a joyous feast. In honour of this tradition, Zari offers a variety of fasting-friendly dishes leading up to Easter, that break the fast in true Ethiopian style, but with our traditional Indian flavours.

Zari’s Easter 2024 Celebration | Kids Eat Free!

This Easter, Zari Restaurant is excited to welcome families to celebrate with us. To make this holiday even more special, we’re offering a Kids Eat Free promotion during the Easter holidays. It’s our way of giving back to the community and making sure everyone can enjoy the festive season with a taste of India’s rich heritage.

An Easter Egg Hunt at Zari

Just as children around the world enjoy finding hidden Easter eggs, we invite our guests to discover the hidden gems within our menu. From traditional Indian dishes that are perfect for Easter dining to innovative creations that blend Easter traditions from around the world with the bold flavours of India, there’s something for everyone at Zari Restaurant.

Easter 2024 UK | A Global Easter with a Local Heart

At Zari Restaurant, we believe in celebrating global traditions while offering a taste of Indian hospitality and cuisine. This Easter Holiday UK, join us on a journey that honours traditions from around the world, right here in the heart of Crawley, West Sussex. Whether you’re enjoying our Kids Eat Free promotion or exploring our menu, we look forward to making your holiday celebration special.

Easter Holiday Easter 2024

Easter Sussex

If you’re returning from your Easter travels, we are conveniently located just 10 minutes from Gatwick Airport and a mere half-hour journey from Brighton. Zari Restaurant offers the perfect spot for a delightful, hassle-free dinner during the Easter Holidays. Indulge in the rich flavours of fine dining Indian cuisine as you unwind from your journey, making your Easter celebration truly memorable. Celebrate Easter 2024 with us where traditions meet taste and family memories are made. Book your table today and experience the joy of Easter through the flavours of India.

If you can’t join us this Easter, keep an eye out for Easter in 2025. Zari Restaurant may have a special offer in store for our esteemed guests. To ensure you’re the first to know and don’t miss out on any future promotions, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. Stay ahead of the curve and let us bring the vibrant flavours of Zari directly to your inbox, making every holiday and occasion even more special.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Whens Easter Weekend?

In 2024, Easter weekend will start with Good Friday on March 29th, followed by Easter Sunday on March 31st, and Easter Monday on April 1st.

Whens Easter Monday?

In 2024, Easter Monday will be observed on April 1st.

Whens Easter Holidays?

The Easter holiday typically refers to the weekend that includes Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and sometimes Easter Monday, depending on the country. In 2024, the Easter holiday dates are as follows:

  • Good Friday: March 29, 2024
  • Easter Sunday: March 31, 2024
  • Easter Monday (observed in some countries): April 1, 2024

These dates mark the Easter weekend and are a time for various religious and cultural celebrations around the world.

Why Easter Is Celebrated?

Easter is celebrated by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, described in the New Testament as occurring on the third day after his crucifixion. It marks the culmination of the Passion of Jesus, preceded by Lent, a 40-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance.

What are some popular Easter traditions around the world?

Easter is celebrated with a variety of traditions globally. In the United States, Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny are popular, while in countries like Greece, people dye eggs red to symbolise the blood of Christ. In Bermuda, kite flying is a significant Easter activity, and in Spain, elaborate processions mark the Holy Week. Each tradition reflects the cultural and religious heritage of the region.

What are some healthy Easter meal options?

For a healthier Easter meal, consider incorporating dishes that are rich in vegetables and lean proteins. Indian cuisine, with its use of spices and legumes, offers a variety of healthy and flavorful options. Dishes like Tandoori chicken, Chana Masala, or vegetable biryani can be nutritious additions to your Easter table.

Can kids eat free during the Easter holidays?

Yes, Zari Restaurant is celebrating Easter by offering a special promotion where kids eat free during the Easter holidays. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the rich flavours of Indian cuisine with the whole family. Be sure to check the restaurant’s terms and conditions for the offer.