Are Gatwick Airport Food Prices More Expensive?


  1. Introduction
  2. Attention: Why Are Gatwick Airport Food Prices Higher?
  3. Interest: Is Gatwick Airport Food Worth The Money?
  4. Desire: How Can You Save Money When Travelling Via Gatwick?
  5. Action: Choose a Restaurant Near Gatwick!
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Did you know that the average family of four spends £100 on pre-flight snacks and meals? That sure is a hefty price to pay when the cost of a trip has already been paid out. The reality is that travelling is a tiring task, so keeping energy levels high is important. Keep reading to learn our hacks for minimising spending on food and drink when travelling via Gatwick Airport. 

Why Are Gatwick Airport Food Prices Higher?

No, you are not losing it; food at Gatwick Airport is expensive! For example, coffee-giant Starbucks admit to charging 33% at UK airports, with Gatwick being one of the highest. As a busy terminal that offers connections to most of the South of England, Gatwick served more than 32 million passengers in 2022.

Some reasons that Gatwick food prices are higher include the following:

  • Passengers don’t have many other options once they have gone through security, so companies look to maximise their profits.
  • The cost of renting retail units within airports is incredibly high, which means prices must match the inflated numbers.
  • Space is also limited, meaning fewer products can be made available and fewer restaurant seats can be offered anytime. 

Is Gatwick Airport Food Worth The Money?

If you have yet to arrive at the airport with a bag full of snacks and an empty water bottle to fill up once through security, higher prices are your only option. Whilst you will get the same quality of food as in other locations, you will pay more for each item. This means it is often a personal opinion on whether the prices are justified.

How Can You Save Money When Travelling Via Gatwick?

  • Take your own snacks.
  • Eat before you travel at home.
  • Everyone loves a tasty treat when travelling, and you can still enjoy it without paying airport prices! Why not choose a place to eat outside the airport so you can sit in departures with a full stomach and an equally healthy bank balance.

Choose a Restaurant Near Gatwick!

Restaurants in Crawley are your best option if you are looking for a chilled place to grab a bite. 

The Zari Restaurant is an excellent example as it’s only a 10-minute drive from Gatwick airport. Here you can enjoy fine-dining and extensive choices without the overpriced costs you would pay at the airport. You also benefit from a nice relaxing environment that doesn’t have the unwanted background noise of announcements and stressed passengers.·


Do you want to spend less on food and drink when travelling? Then choosing a spot for food near Gatwick Airport is your best option!

Next time you are heading away on an adventure or returning from a busy trip, book a table at the Zari Restaurant.


Q: Can I Take Food and Drink With Me?

You should always check the latest advice from your airline or airport before travelling. Most of the time, you can take food with you but not drinks. However, most airports, including Gatwick, offer free water refills once you are through security, making things easier. 

Q: How Can I Get to Zari Restaurant?

We are just a 10-minute car ride away so jump in a taxi or hop on a bus to reach us!