A Guide to Rajasthani Cuisine


  1. Introduction
  2. Attention: What Is Rajasthani Cuisine?
  3. Interest: Top 10 Rajasthani Foods You Need To Try
  4. Desire: Why Should You Try Rajasthani Food?
  5. Action: Visit a Rajasthani Restaurant in Crawley!
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Rajasthani cuisine is known for packing a punch, with intense flavours giving it a unique taste. As lovers of Asian Food, at Zari Restaurant, we are huge fans of the delicacy. Keep reading to learn all about this delightful region and what food it has to offer.

What Is Rajasthani Cuisine?

Rajasthani cuisine history is full of resourcefulness and adaptation, as many dishes were created to make the most of available food at that time. Seasoning is used heavily to then give each meal a flavour which is recognisable as being from Rajasthani.

With tasting notes such as cumin, coriander, chilli, and peanuts common in most dishes, you are guaranteed a delicious bowl of soulful food whenever you choose a Rajasthani treat.

Top 10 Rajasthani Foods You Need To Try

Jungle Venison Curry

We are starting strong with a dish that is not something you would typically find in the UK. The name comes from the wide array of vegetables and herbs included, which pay homage to the produce available in the local region. Made with red curry paste and the signature blend of spices that this cuisine offers, you won’t be disappointed when you order this. 

This dish we offer at Zari Restaurant, so make sure you book in to try it out!

Dal Baati Churma

If you love Dal, you will adore it in this form. In this recipe, traditional dahl is turned into a delectable wheat ball which is bursting with flavour.

Ker Sangri

Another meal which is quite unlike anything else is Ker Sangri. Made from Ker berries with Sangri beans, this dish is cooked in a spiced masala and yoghurt base which provides an aromatic delight for all of the senses.

Onion Kachori

Deep-fried and bursting with flavour, Kachori is a plain flour shell packed full of fragrant onion stuffing. They can be eaten alone or dipped into a curry dish for an extra treat.

Red Mutton Curry 

As a popular delicacy within most Asian cuisine, it will be no surprise that this mutton curry has made our list. Whilst many regions have their own take on the dish, the Rajasthan version is unique due to its cumin base. Other flavours, such as star anise and garam masala, further enhance the fragrance. Slow-cooked for maximum flavour, the dish is a melt-in-your-mouth delight that you can try at Zari Restaurant!

Mawa Kachori 

This dessert is easy to make and offers a deliciously sweet flavour hit. A paste of water, flour, sugar and khoya is then fried in ghee and finished with a sticky sugar syrup. Finish with pistachios or any other topping to add texture. 

Laal Maas

Looking for something spicy? Then this is your dish! Mutton is cooked in ginger, garlic, and other spices, which is all then infused with the hot Kashmiri red chilli for maximum heat. We love this dish and serve it ourselves, to remember to order it next time you visit.

Gatte Ki Sabzi

This delicately seasoned dough balls in a rich gravy. Once boiled, they gain a soft chewy texture which is perfect for soaking up the flavours of anything that it is paired with.


Deep-fried dough, silky sugar syrup, and a selection of nuts, what more could you want from a dessert? Ghevar is a symbol of love and connection. 

Doodhiya Kheench

Lastly, we have the equivalent of Rajasthani porridge which is made from soaked wheat, milk, sugar, and a range of spices, including saffron and cardamom. Served hot or cold, you can create your dessert to suit the flavours you enjoy the most. This dish is comforting in all ways you hope it will be!

Why Should You Try Rajasthani Food?

The cuisine is unlike anything else you would have tried before. Unique use of spices and ingredients mean you get to visit the country by understanding its produce without getting on a flight!

Visit a Rajasthani Restaurant in Crawley!

Are you now interested in trying some authentic Rajasthani cuisine? Come along to Zari Restaurant to try our Famous Rajasthani meals or order our Indian takeaway online to enjoy all dishes in your home.


Rajasthani cuisine is another Asian delicacy that proves flavours can be used to change the taste or an ingredient altogether. Meals are low cost, easy to prepare, and will leave you feeling full. What more could you want?


Q: Can I Substitute The Ingredients?

Each dish requires the perfect balancing of all ingredients to create the signature Rajasthani experience. While you can swap our meat for vegetables, we would not recommend changing any spices as you will lose the intended flavours.

Q: What Other Dishes Do You Offer at Zari Restaurant?

Our chef’s are experts in Asian cuisine, with everything from traditional Indian to Punjabi cuisine being available. Check out our menu to learn more.