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As an Indian restaurant in Crawley that encompasses every region considered part of this cooking style, we are all fans of the delicate flavours offered by Hyderabadi food at Zari Restaurant. Whether you have heard of this regional variety before or are keen to learn more, this list of must-try dishes is handy. Keep reading to navigate your way through this delicious style of cuisine.

What Is Hyderabadi Food?

Traditional Hyderabadi food is derived from the rich legacy of Mughalai, South Asian, Arabic and Turkic cooking. The blend is unique in the ingredients used and boasts other sub-influences from surrounding regions. 

Best Hyderabadi Food You Need To Try

The best way for us to explain what types of dishes are included is to showcase our top ten must-try courses!

Hyderabadi Haleem

This is a great dish to start with as it represents the most common tasting notes all in one dish. Loved as a family dish due to its one-pot cooking process, Haleem is essentially a savoury porridge that is made with wheat, lentils and meat or vegetables of your choosing. The dish is also best when it’s been left to slow cook, with all the spices and flavours had a chance to marinate together.

Mirchi Ka Salan

Biryani is a popular dish throughout all Indian cuisine, with Hyderabadi being no exception. This dish offers fiery addition to the meal as it consists of green chillies that have been simmered down into a delicious curry. 

Hyderabadi Dum

This dish is the Hyderabadi take on Biryani which includes the signature spices associated with the various regions along with a tender, slow-cooked chicken. Tasty served alone or with any of the popular side meals, this is a brilliant family-friendly recipe.


Fresh and tangy, Tahari is a rich tomato and lemon rice dish with mutton as the meat. Served best with a heaped tablespoon of fresh yoghurt, this meal is sweet, spicy, and sour in all the best possible ways.

Tala hua Gosht

You will notice that mutton features in many recipes as it is a meat commonly available in South Asia. This dish is fried with rich spices, including garam masala, for a spicy and smokey flavour. This suits the meat itself as mutton is a strong flavour that adapts when with other spices.

Hyderabadi Biryani

The Hyderabadi main biryani dish includes most of the flavours you would normally expect but with fresh mint. The meal is also much hotter than other versions, as green chillies are abundant.

Rumali Roti

You will likely have heard of Roti before if you love any type of Indian cooking, as flatbread is popular with many types of cuisine. It is ideal for eating with Hyderabadi dishes as the strong construct is perfect for both rice-based and curry dishes.


Perfect for eating as a dessert or as a savoury side to a main meal, Dosa is a thin crepe made from lentils and fermented rice. This means that it has a nutty taste that works perfectly with traditional dishes’ other rich flavours.


Faluda is a treat for all of the senses if you are a sweet lover! This famous Ice cream dessert is topped with vermicelli noodles, jelly, rose syrup, and sabja seeds and mixed with milk. Making for a fragrant and light dish, this is loved by people of all ages.

Qubani Ka Meetha

Another popular sweet option is Qubani Ka Meetha, made from dried apricots, sugar, and almonds and finished with lime juice for a sour hit. Stewed down, this dish is beautifully sweet and can be eaten alone or with other items.

Why Should You Try Hyderabadi Food?

Hyderabadi cooking is unique in how it uses flavours and ingredients. As a blend of many regions, it also offers a way to try different traditional cuisines in just a few dishes. When cooked authentically, these recipes hit every tasting note, with spicy, sour, sweet and savoury flavours perfectly balanced for a tasting treat.

Visit a Hyderabadi Restaurant in Crawley!

Are you now curious about trying traditional Hyderabadi meals? At Zari Restaurant, we have a range of authentic dishes to try alongside our various other Indian delights. Book a table at our Crawley restaurant today to try some of the best dishes available!


We are sure now that your mouth is watering at the idea of any of these delicious meals. Trying new cuisines is always a great way to expand palettes and find new favourites, so we hope you take the time to visit our restaurant to get started.


Q: Does Zari Restaurant Cook Authentic Indian Dishes?

Yes, we do. It is what we are renowned for. Our chefs are all trained and traditional cooking styles and use only the finest of ingredients to recreate the stunning flavours you would expect.

Q: Where is Zari Restaurant?

212-214 Ifield Drive | West Sussex | RH11 0DQ – Easy to get to, we are proud to welcome guests from all across the South and South East.