Indian Flavours: Vegan Restaurant In Crawley

Indian Flavours: Vegan Restaurant In Crawley


  1. Introduction: Celebrating Veganuary at Zari
  2. Starters and Accompaniments: A Flavourful Beginning
  3. Main Courses: The Heart of Vegan Cuisine
  4. Sides and Breads: Perfect Vegan Complements
  5. Health Benefits: Why Vegan?
  6. Environmental Impact: Eating for the Planet
  7. Conclusion: A Culinary Vegan Journey at Zari
  8. FAQs: Your Vegan Questions Answered

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Celebrating Veganuary with Zari’s Exquisite Vegan Indian Restaurant.

As we step into January, Zari Restaurant in Crawley leads the culinary revolution with its exclusively crafted vegan menu, celebrating Veganuary. Zari was one of the first restaurants in West Sussex to offer a vegan-friendly menu. Our chefs have meticulously developed a range of dishes that not only cater to vegans but allure all food enthusiasts. This Veganuary, we invite you to experience the depth and diversity of Indian vegan cuisine, where flavour, health, and sustainability coalesce.

Vegan Samosa, Vegan Food

A Culinary Adventure Begins with Starters and Accompaniments:

Start your vegan journey with our array of appetisers. Indulge in the crispy Onion Bhajee or savour the traditional Vegetable Samosa, each dish ensuring a burst of authentic Indian flavours. Accompany these with our range of vegan sides – from the tangy Mango Chutney to the refreshing Onion Salad, and the zesty Lime Pickle, perfect with our Plain or Spicy Popadoms.

Main Courses – A Vegan’s Delight:

Our main course selection showcases the versatility of vegan cooking. Indulge in the rich and creamy Vegetable Korma, or explore the bold flavours of Vegetable Vindaloo and Vegetable Madras. For those who prefer something lighter yet equally tantalizing, the Spinach & Chick Pea Curry is an excellent choice. Each dish is a testament to our commitment to authentic, vegan-friendly Indian cooking, using ingredients like coconut oil instead of traditional ghee.

Chickpea Curry Indian Vegan Food

Sides – Complementing the Main Attractions:

Our vegan menu is further enhanced by a selection of side dishes. The Bombay Aloo, a spicy potato delicacy, and the Sag Aloo, a spinach and potato blend, are perfect accompaniments to any main course. For dal lovers, our Pea and Mint Dal and Tarka Dal are must-tries, offering a comforting blend of lentils and spices.

Rice and Bread – The Essential Staples:

No Indian meal is complete without rice and bread. Our vegan menu features Plain and Pilau Rice, along with more exotic options like Mushroom Rice and Lemon Rice. The bread selection is equally impressive, with vegan Chapati, Roomali Roti, and Stuffed Paratha (Vegetable), each made with coconut oil to ensure they align with vegan dietary needs.

Vegan Naan Bread

Health Benefits of Vegan Food:

If you are looking for a great vegan restaurant near you, Brighton is only half an hour away from Zari. Choosing vegan dishes not only offers culinary delight but also comes with significant health benefits. Rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats, our vegan dishes support heart health, aid in weight management, and promote overall well-being. The diverse ingredients in Indian vegan cuisine ensure a balanced and wholesome meal. Dive into a world of plant-based flavours: Click here to explore Zari Restaurant’s exquisite vegan menu and experience a gourmet vegan culinary journey in Crawley!

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Environmental Impact of a Vegan Diet:

By opting for a vegan diet, you contribute to a more sustainable future. Plant-based diets are known for their lower environmental impact, requiring fewer resources like water and land, and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your choice of dining at Zari this Veganuary not only satisfies your palate but also supports the health of our planet.


This Veganuary, Zari Restaurant warmly welcomes you to discover the enchanting world of Indian vegan cuisine. Our innovative and health-conscious dishes promise an unforgettable dining experience that aligns with your lifestyle and ethical choices. Join us in celebrating the flavours, health benefits, and environmental impact of vegan dining.


  1. What is a vegan?

    • Vegans strictly avoid consuming any animal-derived products. This includes not just obvious items like meat and fish, but also dairy, eggs, and even honey. Additionally, many vegans extend their lifestyle beyond their diet, choosing not to use animal-based products in their clothing, beauty products, and other everyday items.
  2. Why do people become vegan?

    • The decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle is influenced by several key factors. Foremost among these are ethical concerns about animal welfare, the desire to improve personal health by eliminating less healthy food options in favour of nutrient-dense plant-based foods, and environmental considerations, particularly the significant reduction in one’s carbon footprint that a vegan diet can offer.
  3. What are the benefits of vegan menus for restaurants?

    • Introducing vegan options can be financially beneficial for restaurants. Despite the potentially higher cost of some plant-based ingredients, vegan dishes can attract a wider customer base and potentially lead to increased sales. This is not only due to the growing vegan population but also because of the popularity of plant-based diets among meat-eaters. Moreover, vegan menus encourage partnerships with local suppliers and can lessen the restaurant’s dependency on extensive supply chains.
  4. How easy is it to eat vegan at restaurants?

    • Dining veganism is becoming more accessible in restaurants nowadays. A growing number of eateries are incorporating vegan dishes, and exclusively vegan restaurants are on the rise. For convenience, many chain restaurants provide detailed lists of ingredients for each menu item on their websites, making it easier for vegans to make informed choices.
  5. What are the popular alternatives for meat, dairy products, eggs, and fish in vegan diets?

    • The vegan diet offers a variety of delightful substitutes for traditional animal products. These include alternatives for meat, fish, eggs, and dairy items, such as vegan versions of ice cream, yoghurt, and coffee creamers. The appeal of these products is so widespread that they’ve significantly influenced consumer trends and market dynamics around the world.