Our Story

Welcome to Zari. For 25 years, Zari has been at the cutting edge of real Indian cuisine. Alongside all the classic dishes, our team brings you authentic regional food from all corners of the Indian subcontinent. We promise that these delicious dishes will make your journey into real Indian food an unforgettable adventure!

When we first opened in 1990, we were a small Indian takeaway with an ambitious team behind it. Our dream was to create a restaurant of London fine dining standards outside of London, with creative menus that could challenge traditional ideas of Indian food, served with exceptional care and attention.

In 2007 and 2013, the restaurant underwent major renovations, the menus were redeveloped and the interiors redesigned to reflect our constantly evolving vision. These days the restaurant includes a serpentine bar, elegant lounge areas, a lavish private dining room, an al-fresco eating space with an Indian-style barbeque and an exhibition kitchen area where you can see our skilled specialist chefs at work. You’ll find in the restaurant Jaipur stone, walnut floors and Indian silks gathered from our travels across Asia as well as a mouth-watering menu.

With hard work, imagination and consistently high standards, Zari has developed into one of the most stylish restaurants in Surrey & West Sussex and is the best loved place to eat for miles around.

What we do

We celebrate genuine Indian cuisine - real Indian food – combining traditional techniques with locally sourced ingredients. Adapting authentic recipes to wow the modern palate, our dishes push the boundaries and dispel the myths about typical Indian restaurant food. Try our slow-cooked Dum Pukht Byriani or our Sussex Cox Apple and Chilli Sorbet to find out!

Thank you!

Zari owes its success to the loyalty of its customers. 90% of our visitors return time and time again, becoming long-term friends as well as valued customers. We pride ourselves on listening to you and ensuring your visit to Zari is always a memorable one.

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